Precision Model Art

PMA Ushers in the Heavy Hitters

PMA’s 1:72 German Karl-Gerat Super Heavy Self-Propelled 60cm Mortar – “Adam”

A wee bit pricier than the average 1:72 scale military vehicle, PMA has, nonetheless, carved out a respectable niche in the hobby by offering an ever-widening array of WWII era subjects. Late yesterday we learned that they plan on going one step further by building a replica of a German Karl Gerat super heavy self-propelled mortar — a beast if ever there was one — that was used principally to lay siege to heavily fortified fixed positions. Several years ago, Dragon did much the same by releasing a collection of four Karl Gerats although they were created for the 1:144 scale market along with several larger 1:35 scale versions. PMA’s rendition bounces off of the middle of the diecast racket at 1:72 scale and will even come with an optional set of figures designed to crew the gun.

A set of five figures will come separately, all posed in differing positions.

Since several guns were built for the German Heer during WWII we’re willing to bet that PMA will do likewise, some sporting a narrower 54cm gun while others mount the larger 60cm cannon. Our distributor doesn’t have official pricing just yet so we’re going to hold off on accepting pre-orders until we lock down this and some other preliminary information. So, in the meantime, we suggest clearing away some space in your 1:72 scale collection for this brute and keep in mind that others will likely follow.

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PMA Sets the Scene This Winter


Recently, we wrote how Precision Model Art (PMA) is releasing several new 1:72 scale 88mm FLaK guns, the first expected in early November, with two more liveries following in December. At the time, we were reluctant to reveal that the manufacturer is also coming out with several pre-built vignettes, largely because of their price and issues that can arise from not being able to modify these dioramas. As we see it, our job is to curate each range, and determine its feasibility within our overall product portfolio.


Anyway, for a limited time, our distributor has offered these same dioramas at somewhat reduced prices if ordered before November 15th. So, we’ve decided to list each of the five dioramas on our site to gauge consumer reaction, particularly during the holiday season. Keep in mind that these sets do not come with any of the vehicles or figures shown in the images, so customers have some latitude with how they want to populate these sets with any item they see fit.


Moreover, the Malinava Counter Attack Set E comes with street lamps that actually work, so you can display it as a night action. Its not clear if the set is battery operated or requires a plug-in outlet.


So, we will offer these sets at reduced prices until November 15th, then raise them up a bit should orders come in after that date. Enjoy! Note: As a special bonus, we are including a free Fabbri 1:72 scale diecast tank with each diorama ordered at no extra cost.


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Precision Model Art Takes the High Road this Winter


Precision Model Art (PMA) has undergone some changes of late, but that doesn’t mean their quality has suffered or their lineup has been affected. As several new items arrive this month, we’ve also learned that a bunch of other products are in the wings, proving they are in it for the long haul against some of the more entrenched players with wider assortments.


Expected in January are two new renditions of the 88mm FLaK gun – one painted in a desert camouflage pattern (P0311) and the other in a winter livery (P0313). Also on the docket are two 5-man WWII era figure sets containing German soldiers in varying poses (P0401 and P0402). While the PMA products are a bit pricier than their competition, its important to keep in mind that they offer far more detail and craftsmanship, thereby warranting the higher coinage. For instance, the 88mm guns come with ammo crates and the gun itself can be configured to either a towed or firing position. Look for these and other new items to roll in this January.


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