Radio controlled military vehicles

Forces of Valor Radios Ahead for Further Reinforcements

Waltersons brand-new Forces of Valor 1:24 Scale Tiger I Heavy Tank which now boasts a 2.4GHz FHSS radio system

We are pleased to announce that the first quartet of 1:24 scale radio controlled military vehicles from Forces of Valor are now in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Unlike the previous set of vehicles released by Unimax several years ago, the all-new Waltersons lineup utilizes a 2.4GHz FHSS radio system with a minimum coverage of 60 meters, making them more reliable, feature-rich and capable against other vehicles. Moreover, the new system allows up to 16 players to go at it in battle mode, facing off in either head-to-head fashion or team-based play. We’ve uploaded .pdf files for each of the new vehicles as part of their product details, which discusses the merits of the system as well as some background information for each vehicle portrayed.

Keep in mind, Waltersons has big plans for the new series, largely due to their ties to the radio controlled business. According to a recent sales brochure, several dozen new vehicles are planned for the near future, which run the spectrum from a British A41 Main Battle Tank to a Japanese Chi-Nu Heavy Tank. Other plans are also being developed that should make their approach to the hobby more versatile, appealing and current with today’s advances in computer science. Stay tuned for more details in the months ahead.

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The First Wave of Forces of Valor Gets Set to Hit the Beach


Earlier this year, when Waltersons announced they had purchased the entire product portfolio comprising the Forces of Valor brand, it was unclear which items would be offered first and when. Well, we now have an answer. The first four vehicles in their 1:24 scale radio controlled military vehicle range have been shipped out to their distributor network and, barring any unforeseen issues, could conceivably make it under the Christmas tree this holiday season.


The quarter includes a Tiger I heavy tank, PzKpfw IV Ausf. H medium tank, US M4A3 Sherman medium tank and even a Soviet T-34/85 medium tank. The remaining vehicles in the original range have been given the green light for a 2017 release, although that could occur further down the road.


Since no information was disseminated concerning their static model range, and pictures have yet to be shown, we are assuming that the first wave won’t arrive until early 2017, at the earliest. New items will likely be discussed at the upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair, held in German in early February, although the manufacturer has already hinted at quite a few new vehicles for release next year.


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Taigen Adds a (King) Tiger to Its Tank


As previously discussed, Taigen intends to add a King Tiger Ausf. A heavy tank to its growing portfolio of 1:16 scale radio controlled military vehicles. Two versions of the Porsche turreted tank will be offered: one able to fire BBs while the other will sport infra-red targeting capability. Both monsters have been added to our Taigen radio controlled military vehicle section along with several other new introductions. In related news, several eagerly expected R/C vehicles are finally in stock at our distributor, so we expect our shipment to arrive shortly.

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Taigen Takes Aim at the R/C Market


Looking to take market share from some of the more entrenched players in the R/C armaments sector, Taigen is adding even more new 1:16 scale vehicles to their January onslaught. Besides the vehicles we’ve already listed, enthusiasts can wrap their mitts around a Russian KV-1 heavy tank, German Sturmgeschutz assault gun and German King Tiger heavy tank. We’ll be posting all of their new introductions this weekend making them ideal After-Christmas favorites for kids of all ages.

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New R/C Military Vehicle Line to be Stocked

Taigen's 1:16 scale all-metal Radio Controlled Tiger I Heavy Tank
Taigen’s 1:16 scale all-metal Radio Controlled Tiger I Heavy Tank

We’re stoked to report a new line of 1:16 scale preassembled radio controlled military vehicles will be available in time for the holiday season. Based upon the Heng Long line of R/C tanks, the TaiGen line is, essentially, a premium  line of all-metal vehicles that feature metal caterpillar tracks, a metal gearbox, BB-firing AirSoft capability and even a simulated smoke generator. Several vehicles will form the nucleus of the range, including a Tiger I, M41 Bulldog, Panther medium tank and M26 Pershing. Pricing starts at around $219.99 and goes up from there based upon the vehicle type and onboard features. We should have all of the listings up on our site shortly and will begin to immediately accept pre-orders.

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