RAF F-4J Phanton II Fighter-Bombers

Is There a Phantom in Your Phuture?

1990 was a very good vintage for the RAF’s F-4J Phantom II fighter bomber

Photos were released earlier today for Hobby Master’s upcoming pair of RAF F-4J Phantom fighter-bombers. Hailing from No. 74 Squadron, which was deployed to RAF Wattisham, England, the first represents a bird flown in 1990 (HA1985) while the second portrays one flown five years earlier in 1985 (HA1986).

Turn back the hands of time by another five years and you have this equally impressive F-4J from No. 74 Squadron

Both come with a nice weapons load out and all of the hallmark detail and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Hobby Master for well over a decade. Look for this deadly duo to appear over our skies some time in October.

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