Railway Series

The Modelcollect Train Pulls into the Station

We’ve known for some time that Modelcollect was getting into the model train market, combining its expertise in military modeling with aspirations of becoming a major player in yet another hobby sector. Earlier today, the first two fully assembled items were unveiled – a pair of German flatcars circa 1943. While flatcars aren’t exactly going to set the world on fire, it does demonstrate that they have big plans ahead, likely offering armored trains in the not-too-distant future and perhaps other ancillary products aimed at building out the category. Both products have been listed on our web site in Modelcollect’s Railway Series sub category, along with a pair of two new tanks and some updated photos for several soon-to-be-released vehicles.

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Modelcollect Hits the Rails Running in 2018

Modelcollect’s Railway Series rides the rails in 2018.

Collecting diecast military vehicles and building model railroads seem to have a synergy all their own – two pursuits that go hand-in-hand, year-after-year, much to the delight of hobbyists world over. So, it makes sense that in 2018 Modelcollect will attempt to combine the two hobbies by offering a line-up of military rail cars dubbed the Railway Series. Thus far, only a couple of flat bed rail cars are being shown on the Modecollect web site, but we’re inclined to believe that a lot more are planned for the balance of the new year. In fact, we’ve asked them to produce, what we believe, would be a number of sought after sets that would include Adolf Hitler’s personal train, Amerika, along with several WWII-era armored trains, offered in multiple configurations, liveries and nationalities. Its a grand request, but given the popularity of their vehicles thus far, we think these sets would do exceptionally well at retail, particularly if they were produced in conjunction with a number of different figure sets.

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