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Growing up, most youngsters go through a rite of passage of sorts, playing, or at least attempting to play, the board game of Risk. For those unfamiliar with Risk, its a board game that, at its core, is about world conquest, using rather simplistic rules, pieces and playing cards to facilitate movement and combat. The game was even profiled in an episode of the TV-sitcom Seinfeld, poking fun at the manner in which two central characters of the show took the game to heart while the world around them tried to ignore their chaotic shenanigans.

That said, you may want to give the following video clip a look, as it too pokes fun at some of the nuances of the game, and some of the would-be players you might find in a typical face-to-face session. Enjoy!

An Englishman Plays Risk

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Posted by Foil Arms and Hog on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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