S-3B Viking

Hobby Master Shows Off Their Holiday Handiwork


At this point in time, Hobby Master could be considered an old hand in the modelmaking business, outlasting several recent newcomers and a number of older players. A visionary, to be sure, they’ve finally taken the wraps off of some of their early 2016 releases, giving them a leg up on the competition when things seem to be heating up in a big way. With Top Gun 2 on the way, perhaps their most important early 2016 product line is the Grumman F-14 Fleet Defense Fighter, the workhorse of the US Navy for well over three decades. Their first effort is this F-14A, which was attached to VF-211 “Fighting Checkmates” (HA5201). Unlike the comparable Century Wings F-14, the Hobby Master version features variable geometry wings, which means you can display the plane in either a launch or flat-out, afterburner-fueled configuration.


Also up for your consideration is their first US Navy Lockheed S-3B Viking Anti-Submarine Aircraft, another integral part of US carrier operations for the better half of the twentieth century. While it may not be as sexy as an F-14, the S-3B is a key member of the carrier air wing, designed to seek out and destroy nearby hunter-killer submarines that pose a risk to the task force. This particular S-3B was attached to VS-21 “Fighting Redtails”, then embarked upon the USS Independence (CV-62) during the 1990s (HA4901).

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