Short Sunderland

Corgi Hits the Surf in 2015


Images are figuratively as well as literally surfacing concerning Corgi’s all-new 1:72 scale Short Sunderland flying boat. Expected some time in 2015, this beast of an aircraft looks to carry on the tradition left in the wake of their recently released 1:72 Avro Vulcan strategic bomber, perhaps taking on the role of signature centerpiece for the new year.


Surprisingly, their inaugural Sunderland will not be based upon the flying boat recently raised from the ocean depths off the coast of England but will instead depict a craft attached to the RAAF’s No. 461 Squadron.

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Corgi Takes a Dip with the Short Sunderland


Normally, around this time of year, Corgi takes the wraps off of their latest lineup of Aviation Archive aircraft. Thus far, they’ve been mum, perhaps because they would like to include the latest “heavy” in their full-color catalog. Earlier today, the manufacturer released a work-in-progress shot of their upcoming 1:72 scale Short Sunderland Flying Boat, bereft of its final coat of paint, insignia and other accessories. Still, its does give collectors some idea as to the size of this beast, which comes hot-on-the-heels of the release of their first ever 1:72 scale Avro Vulcan bomber. Our guess? Expect the catalog some time in November and the Flying Boat towards the latter half of 2015.

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