Solido Grapples with the Collective in the Helicopter Market

Solido’s 1:72 scale US Army Bell UH-1B Huey Helicopter – Vietnam, 1964

Long a player in the military aviation and armored fighting vehicle market, Solido announced that it was going to give the rotary wing market a go with its first ever model of a helicopter. Scheduled for a September lift off, their first foray portrays a Bell UH-1B Huey utility helicopter as it saw service in Vietnam in 1964 (SOL7200010). Also expected in September is a Lavochkin La-7 fighter, which was pressed into service by the Soviets during their WWII-era struggle with Germany (SOL7200008). Interestingly, no new vehicles were included in the showing, leading several to wonder if more combat vehicles are on the docket for the rest of 2018.

Solido’s 1:72 scale Soviet Lavochkin La-7 Fighter
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Solido Throws Down the Gauntlet a Day Ahead of Nuremberg

Solido’s 1:72 scale Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI Night Fighter attached to a USAAF squadron based in Corsica, France, during 1943

With one day to go ahead of the opening to the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Solido decided to shed some light on their 2018 lineup. Four new 1:72 scale vehicles were shown in their 2018 catalog, including a German Flakpanzer Coelian Anti-Aircraft Vehicle (SOL7200010), US M12 GMC 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery (SOL7200009), French Giat AMX 13-75 Light Tank (SOL7200013) and a German Kfz. 70 Krupp Protze 6×4 Cargo Truck with 3.7cm PaK 35/36 Anti-Tank Gun (SOL7200012). In the air look for a British-built Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI night fighter that was attached to a USAAF squadron deployed to Corsica (SOL7200005) as well as a German Dornier Do 335 Pfeil Fighter in British markings (SOL7200006). We thought it interesting that they elected to go with a British livery instead of the more desirable German scheme, but the die was cast nonetheless, if we can be so bold as to borrow an ancient Roman phrase.

LIkely the most sought after vehicle in SOlido’s early 2018 releases will be this US M12 GMC 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery piece in a flocked winter camouflage

No word concerning official release dates for this latest crop of military hardware that is produced by War Master for Solido, so we’ve tentatively listed them as Spring 2018 releases. We’ve posted all of the new items in their respective categories and are now accepting pre-orders for the entire bunch.

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War Master’s Elves are Hammering Out the Latest Ware for Solido

Solido’s 1:72 scale German Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo Prime Mover and towed 88mm FLak Gun

Produced for french manufacturer Solido, War Master has been busy cobbling together a new sack of diecast goodness, many of which are ideal gifts for the holidays. Here’s what you can expect to nestle under the Christmas tree this December:

SOL7200506 – USMC LAV-25 Piranha Light Armored Vehicle (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200507 – German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind Anti-Aircraft Gun – Unidentified Unit, Belgium, 1945 (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200508 – British Cruiser Tank, A27M Cromwell Mk. IV Tank – 7th Armored Division “Desert Rats”, Netherlands, 1945 (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200202 – German Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo Prime Mover and 88mm FLak Gun (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200003 – RAF De Havilland Mosquito FB VI Fighter – Unidentified Unit, India, April 1945 (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200004 – RAF Grumman FM-1 Martlet V Fighter – Operation Torch, North Africa, November 1942 (1:72 Scale)

Aviation buffs will go bats over this RAF De Havilland Mosquito FB VI Fighter – Unidentified Unit, India, April 1945




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June Swoon? Think Again Fellow Collectors…

Corgi’s 1:72 scale RNZAF Vickers Wellington Mk. IC Medium Bomber – R1162 / AA-Y, “Y for Yorker”, No.75 (NZ) Squadron, RAF Feltwell, Norfolk, 1941 is still on track for a June fly-in

Its the first day of June and we’ve already been bombarded with loads of new product announcements and updates. Besides getting word that the first Solido shipment is on its way to us, we’ve learned that Hobby Master has quite a spate of new products expected for the holiday season, covering everything from a Su-35S Flanker to new MiG-23s Floggers, and best of all their intent to climb back into the armored vehicle turret. Even Corgi provided us with an updated schedule, which looks pretty promising this summer, and Oxford announced their wares for the coming year.

The latest Hobby Master A-10 Warthog is pegged for an October ship

We’ve posted everything new to our web site, along with the most current shipping schedule, which could still fluctuate based on changes to the manufacturers’ release calendar.

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You Call it War Master, We Call it Solido

Solido’s all-new FAMO prime mover and towed 88mm FLaK gun, likely reaching the diecast battlefield this summer

There seems to be some confusion of late whether to call the new 1:72 scale military range produced by War Master for french manufacturer Solido, War Master products or Solido, since both marques appear on the packaging. Be that as it may, we’ve caught wind of some of their newest models likely scheduled for a summer release, which continue to introduce a wide array of combatants and their weapons of war to the 1:72 scale regime. Among them are this German FAMO prime mover hauling a 88mm FLaK gun. Also expected is a German Wirbelwind Anti-Aircraft gun, a British Cromwell tank, a USMC LAV-25 Piranha light armored vehicle and French LeClerc T5 Main battle tank. In the air, look for a British De Havilland Mosquito and Grumman Martlet fighter.

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Solido Continues to Mystify

Its now mid-March, a full month after the conclusion to the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and we are still in a quandary concerning french manufacturer, Solido. Last year, they made it public knowledge that they are working with War Master to produce a new range of 1:72 scale diecast military vehicles and, last month, showed off several larger 1:43 scale military vehicles within one of their Toy Fair booths, several of which we have never seen before.

Now, on their web site, they’ve added a new collage of War Master products to their home page, which includes a British Cromwell tank and a Martlet fighter, the British equivalent of the Eastern Aircraft FM-1 Wildcat. That said, no further details concerning either new  issue are contained within their military category page, so for now we assume they are nothing more than teasers with release dates much further out. Likewise, we still aren’t sure if the range will be made available in North America since no distributor has stepped forward yet to indicate they will supply the range. We aren’t sure what this means to collectors but will keep everyone abreast should anything change.

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Dissecting Diecast: Solido Keeps Us Guessing in 2017

Last month, as part of our preview of what to expect in 2017, we alluded to the fact that French manufacturer, Solido, was planning on getting back into the military game in a “big” way. By “big”, we weren’t necessarily referring to the fact that they intended to offer a large number of SKUS – rather, by introducing both a 1:72 scale range of military vehicles and aircraft repurposed from the War Master line up, along with larger, reworked 1:43 scale military vehicles originally made by Eaglemoss. In fact, the banner image on their Facebook page even showed several former Eaglemoss vehicles as part of their 2017 vehicle lineup to bolster this claim. However, when we paid a visit to their Facebook page earlier today, their Nuremberg Toy Fair booth didn’t include any Eaglemoss vehicles at all, but rather several 1:43 scale vehicles that we haven’t seen before, including both a German and US tank transporter, King Tiger heavy tank, and what looks like a modern era US AFV sitting atop the US tank transporter.

Currently, we are awaiting further information concerning this intriguing development, which will no doubt help to reignite interest in the 1:43-1:50 scale segment of our hobby.

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Solido Takes a Curtain Call

When I entered this hobby some twenty years ago, french modelmaker, Solido, was one of the dominant players in the diecast military space. Producing a wide range of 1:43-1:50 scale military vehicles, and a smattering of 1:18 scale jeeps, Solido was a perennial favorite, even if they used and reused several molds ad infinitum to come up with new variations on a popular theme. In time, however, they withdrew from the military scene for any number of reasons, although always loitering in the background, like a back up actor, as if to one day make a return engagement.

In 2017, it appears as if they are finally ready to take a curtain call, thanks in large part to a wide array of previously released War Master 1:72 scale vehicles and aircraft that have been re-purposed and re-packaged for the  There were rumors that the Company would also be offering an even larger range of 1:43 scale military vehicles previously produced by Eaglemoss, which looks to be the case as evinced by several images posted on their Facebook page. If so, then Solido looks to be well poised to re-enter the military market, offering a steady diet of multi-ranged vehicles and aircraft that should delight the average collector for years to come.

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Solido Returns to the Fold


There’s an age-old proverb that states what comes around, goes around. In the case of french manufacturer, Solido, it now appears as if they are once again entering the fray by offering a new line of diecast military vehicle and aircraft. When we first started out some sixteen years ago, Solido was one of the dominant players in the military space, offering a steady diet of 1:43/1:50 scale soft-skinned military vehicles and tanks that came in different patterns and schemes. Many were even used as the basis for the after market builders at Tank Museum and Gaso.Line, an excellent testament to their strength, durability and workmanship even to this day. As the years ticked by, however, Solido slowly withdrew from the military scene although you can still find some of their products on eBay and elsewhere.

Fast forward to 2016. Instead of rehashing these tired old molds that few might take an interest in, Solido has apparently entered into a partnership agreement with War Master, maker of a fine line of 1:72 scale military vehicles and aircraft that were themselves reinvigorated from a previously developed line of IXO Models molds. Anyway, to cut to the chase, they have quietly put together a brand new range of military vehicles and aircraft that will start reaching the market place some time this summer. What will happen to the War Master brand is anyone’s guess at this point, seeing as how it may make more sense for them to crank out greater numbers of product under the Solido marque than under the War Master label. It’s unclear if the new Solido range will come with limited edition packaging, like their War Master counterparts, which has greatly contributed to their success in the market place. We will keep you posted as more information is passed along.

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