Star Trek

Tis the Season(s) of Star Trek

Summer viewing or winter, large screen or small, it appears as if the makers of Star Trek have got everyone covered for the foreseeable future, that is, if they like all things Star Trek. The new trailer for the feature-length film, Star Trek Beyond, is out as is the first look at the upcoming TV series set to air on CBC and CBS On Demand.

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Fans Boldly Go Where Eaglemoss May Not Trek

Star Trek Faux

Sometimes I’m blown away by the creativity some online enthusiasts exhibit when imagination takes hold. In the case of the Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships series, one fan boldly went where the manufacturer may or may not decide to trek over the course of product development. Not only did he flesh out some of the ships found in the Star Trek universe, but he even went so far as to render the magazine covers with the ships on them, making the finished goods look every bit as convincing as the real McCoy. You can check out his handiwork here: GlykokalyxBlog

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Eaglemoss Boldly Goes into Orbit


We’ve just learned that we will soon be receiving several new Star Trek spaceships just before the holidays, and, perhaps more importantly, the first special edition release in the series – the Deep Space 9 Space Station. Long coveted by Trekkies world over, we thought that we might not be able to obtain this item, since it seemed to be sold out from other sources and going for a premium at other retail sites.

EMST0032 Compilation

Other ships expected by year’s end are a Federation Runabout (ST0032), Cardassian Hideki Class Fighter (ST0033) and a Vulcan Surok Class starship (ST0034). Live long and prosper.

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Star Trek Boldly Goes to London


According to, the proposed Paramount London Resort, scheduled to open southeast of London in 2020, will feature a Star Trek-themed area, that will include rides, attractions and other Star Trek-related cornucopia.

Paramount 2

More information concerning the planned park, as well as other areas within the resort, can be found here:

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Space, The Final Frontier

Star Trek Logo 3

We’ve had great success with the Eaglemoss range of military vehicles and warships so when word reached us that a new line of collectibles was now available we jumped at the opportunity. Later this month, we will be receiving the first squadron of Star Trek-related merchandise, which replicates many of the most iconic ships seen in the TV series and feature films. While there is no set scale for these items, we believe that their intricate detail, affordable price and collectible nature will more than make up for any size deficiencies. We should have the entire range listed on our web site by August 6th and can be found within our Military Science Fiction section. Live long and prosper!

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