Stavatti SM-28 Ground Attack Aircraft

Anatomy of War: What Will Replace the A-10?

The Stavatti SM-28 or SM-29 could provide the answer towards replacing the aging A-10 Warthog

The venerable A-10 has formed the backbone of USAF CAS operations for over four decades, and Congress, in a recent vote of confidence, wants to extend its life expectancy by at least another four years. Which leads to the question: what will eventually replace the Warthog when the coffers run dry? Minnesota start-up, Stavatti, thinks it has the answer, with its low maintenance Machete ground attack aircraft. Offered up in two versions – the SM-28 would be propeller-driven while the SM-29 would boast a single jet engine – the Machete would, according to designers, still be wrapped around the GAU-8 30-millimeter Gatling gun, which spits out a stream of uranium depleted slugs to destroy ground targets, along with multiple hard points enabling it to carry all sorts of air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions. For more information on this potential A-10 replacement, take a stroll over to this site:

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