Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker-B

Hobby Master Shows Off Several New Toolings for 2018

Hobby Master’s 1:72 scale Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker-B Multirole Fighter – “Red 36”, 941st IAP, Barents Sea, 1987

While we are still awaiting pricing and some ancillary information, Hobby Master announced today three new toolings for 2018. In the air, the Company unveiled their first ever Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker-B multirole aircraft (HA6001), something we kind of suspected was in the wings after they announced a Su-35 earlier in the year.

Two versions of the M35 2-1.2-ton truck are expected: one in an olive green and a second in a sand scheme

On the ground, two versions of the US M35 2-1/2-ton truck were shown for the first time (HG5701 and HG5702), the successor to the ubiquitous 2-1/2-ton truck first seeing action in World War II. And finally, in a surprise move, the Company displayed their first-ever NASA Orbiter (Space Shuttle), which depicts the Atlantis in 1:200 scale (HL1401). Other new items were also made known, and we hope to have them all listed on our web site by Tuesday, October 17th, once we get the ordering information finalized.

Hobby Master launches itself into space with a 1:200 Orbiter, named after the space shuttle Atlantis
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