Swarm Ship

Eaglemoss Reboots Star Trek Beyond with the Swarm Ship

An over-sized Swarm ship from the movie Star Trek Beyond

While most Trekkies no doubt expected a rendition of the USS Franklin as part of the Eaglemoss Star Trek Universe, it was a bit of a surprised when the Company announced plans to offer an over-sized replica of one of the Swarm Ships. Measuring 8 inches in length and capable of carrying two crewmen, the Swarm ship were employed in large numbers on Altamid by the planet’s original inhabitants sometime prior to the 2160s. In the year 2263, Krall used his swarm to attack the Federation starship USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. Approaching the Enterprise in orbit of Altamid, these ships initially appeared to be one large vessel, emitting an unidentifiable signal, but quickly separated and attacked in a coordinated effort to disable the Constitution-class ship. Surrounding and ramming it repeatedly, these ships inflicted serious damage on the Enterprise, first severing its warp nacelles before finally separating its primary hull from its secondary hull.

Look for the Swarm ship to make an encore appearance some time in September.

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