T-14 Armata Tank

ModelCollect’s May Day Parade



April showers may bring May flowers but this year, they could also be helping to sprout T-14 Armata tanks. First debuted to the public last year at the Moscow Victory Day Parade on May 9th, the T-14 Armata tank represents the latest generation of armored fighting vehicle put forward by the resurgent Russian “Bear”, combining speed, mobility, firepower and armament into one combat platform.



We’ve known for some time that ModelCollect had a model kit of the Armata on the drawing board, but now we’ve learned that they have a pair of pre-assembled versions of the Armata being cranked out by their arms industry. Two versions will be offered, one in the standard green scheme bearing the new Russian Ground Forces emblem (AS72046), and a second painted in a desert sand scheme (AS72047). We’re hoping both versions will be available by May 9th, no doubt to celebrate the 2016 Victory Day Parade. With nine new vehicle types shown to the public at last year’s parade, its entirely possible that ModelCollect could also be working on replicas of these vehicles too, particularly the T-15 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which is designed to replace their aging BMP fleet.

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