T-90 tank

ModelCollect Keeps Churning out Their Favorite Models

Drawn from today’s headlines, ModelCollect has wasted no time replicating this modified T-72 tank from the Syrian Civil War

In a bid to produce models based upon every conceivable version, variant and livery of the Russian-built T-72 and T-90 tanks, ModelCollect has announced three more examples of these ignominious vehicles. As far as the T-72 goes, they have announced a Syrian T-72BM Main Battle Tank with Kontakt-1 ERA which was deployed to Aleppo, Syria, in 2016 (AS72054). The T-90 gets two new flavors as well: the first is a Russian T-90MS Main Battle Tank – Nizhny Tagil Arms Expo, Russia, 2012 (AS72056) while the latter is a Russian T-90MS Main Battle Tank – Weapons Show, Desert Camouflage, 2014 (AS72060). This is now the 15th look at the T-72 from the eyes of ModelCollect, which means they have certainly gotten their money’s worth out of the tooling.

Armored enthusiasts can look forward to two more T-90 replicas, putting it contention with ModelCollect’s T-72 tank for the most prolific number of models offered
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