Three tone camouflage warbirds

Hobby Master Gets its Southeast Asian Scheme On

Look, if you can spot them, for a trio of three-tone warbirds flying in low this fall

Images were posted yesterday for three upcoming Hobby Master aircraft. Sensing a theme, each of the three new warbirds are decked out in a three-tone camouflage pattern, melding together a brown, green and dark green pattern that helps it blend into the triple canopy cover of the Vietnamese countryside as well as certain parts of central Europe. The three 1:72 scale aircraft include a USAF McDonnell F-4D Phantom II Fighter-Bomber that was attached to the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing “Statue of Liberty Wing,” then deployed to RAF Lakenheath, England during 1975 (HA1978), a USAF McDonnell F-4E Phantom II Fighter-Bomber that was attached to the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron “Wolfhounds”, then deployed to Soesterberg AB, The Netherlands, during 1989 (HA1979), and finally a USAF Republic F-105D Thunderchief Fighter-Bomber known as “Cherry Girl”, that was deployed to Vietnam during 1967 (HA2515). The pre-order window for each warbird is still open although we expect all three to do quite well at retail once they hit the streets.

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