USS Arizona

Forces of Valor Raises the Arizona


Perhaps as a fitting tribute to the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Waltersons posted images of their resurrected USS Arizona battleship, an integral part of their reinvigorated Forces of Valor warships range (FOV86013). As you can see, Waltersons has been making adjustments to each of the former models where deemed necessary, all designed to bring them up today’s standards. In the Arizona’s case, Waltersons states that “the colour scheme had been revised to the 1941 Pearl Harbour version, with bright red turret roof and medium blue colour on the hull body.” The model sits atop a wood-like display plinth with metallic rods and, when completed, will boast a metallic nameplate featuring the name of the warship. Look for the first warships to set sail some time in early 2017.



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Unimax’ Tribute to the USS Arizona


While we’ve had a photo of the upcoming USS Arizona on our web site for several weeks running, we’ve finally unearthed some detailed images of the ship’s superstructure and packaging.

UNI86013 Compilation

The images reveal some of the workmanship that has gone into this iconic warship which was sunk at the outset of the Second World War at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7th, 1941. Among the important features is a floatplane attached to the rear of the warship, its catapult, the ship’s superstructure, and the multitude of guns bristling along the length of the deck. The Pennsylvania is scheduled to ship out some time in June.

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