USS Grisom

Eaglemoss Doesn’t Clown Around at this Year’s Comic Con

With Comic Con set to open tomorrow here in New York City, Eaglemoss unveiled some of the Star Trek collectibles they’ll be hawking at the show. Of particular note is this show-exclusive replica of the USS Grisom NCC-1030 drawn from the Star Trek Discovery cable series. Offered in limited numbers and roughly the same size as the USS Discovery NCC-1031, this snazzy little number will no doubt be snapped up the moment it drops out of hyperspace, so we’re a little envious of anyone that does manage to wrap their meaty little paws around this ship.

Presently, we aren’t sure if our distributor will be obtaining this highly coveted collectible since news regarding its release seems to remain mum for the moment and product originally slated to arrive months ago keeps getting delayed. We’ll certainly keep an eye on this one and formally announce its availability should it pull into our space dock in time for the holidays..

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