USS Titan

Product Spotlight: When Titans Fall

Eaglemoss” Star Trek Federation Luna Class Starship – USS Titan NCC-80102

We’ve had incredible success with the Aventine, a previously convention exclusive starship from Eaglemoss that was broadened for general distribution and arrived over a week or so. For those of you unfamiliar with the replica, The Aventine (STCON03) came about as a result of a write-in petition from Trekkies worldwide, and is now part of the manufacturer’s expanded universe series.

Another ship previously released in limited numbers and only available at Comic Con is the USS Titan (STCON02), which we hear will also be nade available in larger numbers and is expected some time in January. We’re going to do our best to maintain inventory on the Aventime so that the two can be shipped out together but cannot guarantee this strategy will work given current demand. So, if you are interested in amassing every single ship in the collection, we strongly suggest getting the Aventine now and placing a pre-order for the Titan which we will process and ship out the moment we receive them.

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