When Rockets Ruled

Doodlebug Anyone? Modelcollect’s latest rocket has been updated to give it a late war motif.

We are getting closer to the release of Modelcollect’s second look at the V-1 rocket and now we have some close-up images to prove it. This go round, the ramp has been painted in a camouflage pattern, and the V-1 rocket itself now boasts an updated nose cone (AS72105), which resembles an early war Messerschmitt Bf-109. Their first issue V-1 is expected to return to stock as well (AS72068), although our distributor has indicated that this will be its final production run in order to give the newest version its proper due in the limelight.

Not to be out done, PMA’s fourth and perhaps final take on the German V-2 rocket is clad in a Gezackt or “ragged” camouflage pattern

In other news, Precision Model Art is expected to release the fourth take on their V-2 rocket. Their latest iteration has been broad brushed in a Gezackt (ragged) camouflage pattern, indicative of a late war operational scheme (P0323). Its entirely possible that they could be getting set to make even larger and more powerful rockets in the near future, given the success of the series to date. 

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