V-2 Rocket

PMA Blasts Off this Fall


Judging by all of the “paper panzers” Modelcollect was producing over the past few months, and notably their soon-to-be-available V-1 flying bomb, we had erroneously concluded that they would be the first to market with a 1:72 scale replica of the V-2 rocket. Lo and behold, PMA may have beat them to the firing button, announcing, in short order, their plans to offer two different versions of the Vergeltungswaffe 2 this fall. According to their marketing materials, the PMA designed V-2 will come in two flavors: one in the familiar black and white checkerboard-like pattern we’ve seen in countless documentaries (P0321) and a second in a dark green (dunkelgrun) monotone scheme (P0322).

Both versions will come bundled with a field grey Brennstand as well as a Meillerwagen trailer that can be converted into a mobile rocket launcher, and, naturally enough, a tow hook so it can be attached to any of the recent artillery tractors PMA offers. As can be seen from the accompanying imagery, the lower portion of the rocket can also be opened to reveal a segment of the inner mechanism. Pricing for all this is just $49.99 apiece, meaning you get awesome quality, loads of detail and, best-of-all, a subject for your collection rarely examined or offered in pre-assembled form.

In other news, camouflaged versions of their recently released German Sd.Kfz.8 Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 12-Ton Heavy Prime Mover as well as their German Sd.Kfz.8 DB10 Gepanzerte (Armored) 12-Ton Prime Mover are in the works and will likely make it to market later this summer.

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