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Solido Throws Down the Gauntlet a Day Ahead of Nuremberg

Solido’s 1:72 scale Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI Night Fighter attached to a USAAF squadron based in Corsica, France, during 1943

With one day to go ahead of the opening to the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Solido decided to shed some light on their 2018 lineup. Four new 1:72 scale vehicles were shown in their 2018 catalog, including a German Flakpanzer Coelian Anti-Aircraft Vehicle (SOL7200010), US M12 GMC 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery (SOL7200009), French Giat AMX 13-75 Light Tank (SOL7200013) and a German Kfz. 70 Krupp Protze 6×4 Cargo Truck with 3.7cm PaK 35/36 Anti-Tank Gun (SOL7200012). In the air look for a British-built Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI night fighter that was attached to a USAAF squadron deployed to Corsica (SOL7200005) as well as a German Dornier Do 335 Pfeil Fighter in British markings (SOL7200006). We thought it interesting that they elected to go with a British livery instead of the more desirable German scheme, but the die was cast nonetheless, if we can be so bold as to borrow an ancient Roman phrase.

LIkely the most sought after vehicle in SOlido’s early 2018 releases will be this US M12 GMC 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery piece in a flocked winter camouflage

No word concerning official release dates for this latest crop of military hardware that is produced by War Master for Solido, so we’ve tentatively listed them as Spring 2018 releases. We’ve posted all of the new items in their respective categories and are now accepting pre-orders for the entire bunch.

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War Master’s Elves are Hammering Out the Latest Ware for Solido

Solido’s 1:72 scale German Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo Prime Mover and towed 88mm FLak Gun

Produced for french manufacturer Solido, War Master has been busy cobbling together a new sack of diecast goodness, many of which are ideal gifts for the holidays. Here’s what you can expect to nestle under the Christmas tree this December:

SOL7200506 – USMC LAV-25 Piranha Light Armored Vehicle (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200507 – German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind Anti-Aircraft Gun – Unidentified Unit, Belgium, 1945 (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200508 – British Cruiser Tank, A27M Cromwell Mk. IV Tank – 7th Armored Division “Desert Rats”, Netherlands, 1945 (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200202 – German Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo Prime Mover and 88mm FLak Gun (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200003 – RAF De Havilland Mosquito FB VI Fighter – Unidentified Unit, India, April 1945 (1:72 Scale)

SOL7200004 – RAF Grumman FM-1 Martlet V Fighter – Operation Torch, North Africa, November 1942 (1:72 Scale)

Aviation buffs will go bats over this RAF De Havilland Mosquito FB VI Fighter – Unidentified Unit, India, April 1945




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War Master Kicks Off December with a Blast

Warmaster Compilation

In what could be one of the last major shipments of the year, five all-new War Master diecast military vehicles are on their way to us and should be arriving by the second week of December. The quintet includes a Libyan 2K12 Kub Mobile Surface-to-Air Missile System (WMTK61), Russian BM-30 “Smerch” Multiple Rocket Launcher (WMTK62), German Sd. Kfz. 171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. A Medium Tank (WMTK63), Russian 203mm B-4 Heavy Howitzer (WMTK64), and a Russian JS-2 Stalin Heavy Tank (WMTK65). These won’t last long!

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War Master Adds Gravy to the November Bird


As it presently stands, it appears as if we are in for a bumper harvest this November. Today, we learned that five more War Master 1:72 scale military vehicles are being laid out with the Thanksgiving bird, all of which should tantalize the senses and heighten the mood, if a little dry to the taste. Look for side dishes that include a Libyan 2K12 Kub Mobile Surface-to-Air Missile System (WMTK061), Russian BM-30 “Smerch” Multiple Rocket Launcher (WMTK062), German Sd. Kfz. 171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. A Medium Tank (WMTK063), Russian 203mm heavy howitzer (WMTK064), and a second look at the Russian JS-2 Stalin Heavy Tank (WMTK065).

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War Master Keeps the Caissons Rolling this July

War Master Compilation 2

Even though we seem to be waiting an eternity for the latest wave of War Master products, that hasn’t stopped the manufacturer from announcing their next set of vehicles due out in July. While three of the four vehicles have been replicated by other model makers, there is a fourth vehicle that should stir some interest amongst the armor crowd. Expected is a 1:72 scale representation of a Russian 2S6 Tunguska self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, a nice addition to any armored arsenal. Also touted is a Russian T-40 light tank, Russian KV-1 heavy tank, and a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces Type 61 main battle tank.  Prices remain at $19.99 and each comes with a numbered box and handsome acrylic case.

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War Master Continues to Fire on all Cylinders

War Master Compilation

Looking to bolster their already strong lineup, War Master announced four more 1:72 scale military vehicles for a November assault. Expected are a USMC M41 A3 Walker Bulldog, Japanese Chi-Fa medium tank, German Steyr 1500/A01 with 2cm FlaK 38 Gun, and a German Bergepather recovery vehicle. Boasting realistic detailing, acrylic cases with etched bases and numbered limited edition cards, you simply cannot go wrong with this line. Oh, and did we mention they are still affordably priced at just $19.99 apiece?

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War Master Revisits Some Fan Favorites


If you missed out on some of War Master’s high-flying warbirds, then you can probably take comfort in knowing that the Company plans to bring back some of them as part of their 2015 lineup. Expected in the first quarter of the New Year, the proposed reintroductions include the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Heinkel He 162 People’s Fighter, Mitsubishi A6M2 Rufe floatplane, and Kawasaki Ki 61 Tony fighter. The price for these hot sellers remains at $24.99, making them ideal candidates to start off any diecast aviation collection.

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War Master Back on Track?

WMAPF025 (2)

It appears as if War Master has selected a new distributor for its North American operation, which is why their most recent pair of scheduled shipments have been inexplicably delayed. At this point, its not clear if their supposed June cache, which is already available elsewhere in the world, will ever make it to our shores, given the lack of information currently available. What is known is that their new distributor has announced plans for an all-new platoon of armored vehicles to roll out this May, which will be supplemented by an IJN Aichi B7A2 Ryusei “Grace” attack aircraft.

War Master Compilation

All of the ground vehicles look especially pleasing this go round, covering a multitude of eras, nations and types of weapons employed. For WWII buffs, a German 88mm FLaK gun will be offered, this time still attached to its wheel assemblies. Moving forward in time, War Master has developed an Israeli M51 Isherman tank, an upgunned version of the original Sherman that was used in the Yom Kippur War. Also expected is a US M48 A3 Patton tank, which saw action in Vietnam, and a M163 A1 Vulcan Air Defense System, which saw yeoman service during the Panama Crisis of 1981. All five new products have been listed on our site, and we hope to have clearer imagery some time soon.



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War Master Keeps Up their Massive Bombardment


War Master has begun revealing details concerning their early 2014 lineup. Four vehicles are expected in March, including a Dicker Max tank destroyer, Bedford QL truck with 6 Pounder anti-tank gun, Russian Katusha rocket launcher and German Sd. Kfz. 8 Famo prime mover with tank transporter.


In the air, look for a 1:72 scale representation of the Heinkel He 219 Uhu night fighter, one of the most successful introductions in the former IXO Models/Altaya series.

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War Master Ups the Ante this Fall


War Master continues to impress, with an ever growing array of diecast military vehicles and aircraft available at very affordable prices. For September, four new vehicles were announced along with a pair of WWII-era military aircraft. For vehicle aficionados, expect an Israeli Merkava Mk. 3 main battle tank (#WMTK0036), US WC 63 weapons carrier with trailer (#WMTK0035), German King Tiger tank (#WMTK0034) and German Jagdtiger tank destroyer (#WMTK0033).


If you’ve got your eyes in the clouds, look forward to seeing an US Grumman Avenger torpedo plane (#WMAPF0024) and German Focke Wulf Fw 190A fighter (#WMAPF0023). When you consider the escalating costs of other lines, its nice to see War Master continue to hold the line and not bow to pricing pressures. Bravo!

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