Waltersons Declares, “One if by land, three if by sea”


Mum for some time regarding their soon-to-be-released range of static military models, it now appears as if Waltersons is releasing information to the public on a day-by-day basis. Yesterday the Company posted imagery of their upcoming 1:32 scale Tiger I tank. Earlier today, they revealed pictures for the warship series, which explains how the vessels will come packed when “shipped out.”

Rather than using a plastic blister to keep them in place, the Company developed a new locking nut mechanism that permits the buyer to easily take the ship in and out of its packaging. Moreover, the outer packaging features an open tabbed fifth panel, which is designed to make it far easier to remove, and, if necessary, replace the item in its box, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage.

As an Easter Egg of sorts, it appears as if the French Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle (R91), will be joining the growing Forces of Valor fleet in 2017, as well as some other unidentified warships. We’ve also re-categorized our Forces of Valor 1:700 scale subsections into a Battleship and Aircraft Carrier Series to correspond with the changes shown on the back of the aforementioned packaging.

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