Warships of the World

Warships of the Eaglemoss Navy

Presently, we are awaiting the next grouping of Eaglemoss warships that will be released in the month of February. Thus far, our distributor has been releasing them, on overage, at around 4-5 ships per month and will likely continue to do so until all 80 ships have been released into the marketplace. This means that it could take upwards of a year before the entire series has been completely released, with some older items no longer available for purchase. That said, we are reviewing back orders once each shipment comes in to determine which orders can best be fulfilled based upon shipping destinations, inventory levels and other mitigating factors, such as payment. Please be aware that there may be instances where we will ship out orders piece meal until we can fill an order in its entirety. If you do not accept this arrangement then your order may be subject to cancellation. We will not hold inventory for more than a few days after it has arrived so it is important that you understand that our fulfillment system is designed to serve both you as well as our own needs in the best possible fashion. Thank you for your understanding.

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Eaglemoss Orders General Quarters for the HMS Hermes

At the outset of the War in the Pacific in 1941, the Allies were woefully unprepared to take on the Imperial Japanese Navy operating in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific waters. One of the victims of the Japanese centrifugal offensive was the British aircraft carrier, HMS Hermes (95), which was sunk by Japanese dive-bombers on April 9th, 1942, after setting sail without its complement of aircraft on board.

Happily, Eaglemoss rendition of this venerable warship will feature some of its warplanes deployed on its flight deck, with the ship resplendent in a tropical tri-color camouflage pattern. Look for their newest entry in the Warships of the World Collection some time later this year.

On a related nautical note, four warships are expected to drop anchor at our port in early August. The list includes IJN battleship Musashi (EMGC04), IJN heavy cruiser Furutaka (EMGC27), IJN destroyer Fubuki (EMGC39), and the Marine Nationale battleship Dunkerque (EMGC43), the first French warship in the series.

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Eaglemoss Hoists its Colors for February


According to our distributor, five new Eaglemoss warships are expected to set sail for our home port next week. The next squadron includes EMGC09 — IJN battleship Haruna, 1928, EMGC12 — IJN battleship Hyuga, 1941, EMGC20 — IJN aircraft cruiser Mogami, 1944, EMGC23 — IJN light aircraft carrier Ryuo, 1933, and EMGC28 — USN battleship New Jersey, 1944. Aside from the standard Japanese text adorning the plinth, box and accompanying magazine, this series has been remarkably well-received, and we look forward to taking delivery of the warships.


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Eaglemoss Orders More Ships to Get Underway


According to High Seas Command, five more 1:100 scale Eaglemoss warships are expected to get underway and arrive in our port towards the end of this month. The latest squadron includes a German Type VII U-Boat (EMGC01C), an IJN Battleship, Kongo (EMGC05), an IJN Heavy Cruiser, Myoko (ENGC17), IJN Light Cruiser, Agano (EMGC26) and a US Navy Essex Class aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid (CV-11) (EMGC38).


As was the case prior, all of the ships come packaged in attractive Japanese outer cases that are accompanied by multi-page magazines written in Japanese.

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Eaglemoss to Weigh Anchor in November


News out of the Eaglemoss diecast shipyard is that five new 1:100 scale warships are expected to make port in November. The five new WWII-era warships include a Japanese I-400 aircraft carrying submarine, IJN battleship Nagato, IJN aircraft carrier Kaga, IJN heavy cruiser Aoba, and the Italian battleship Littorio.


Granted the packaging comes in Japanese, which may not be ideal for the North American marketplace, but these are nevertheless fine scale reproductions that deserve a place in anyone’s replica fleet.

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Eaglemoss Informs and Delights

Warships Magazine

We were pleasantly surprised to see how the packaging turned out for Eaglemoss’ new Warships of the World Series. Nestled in a bookcase style outer box, each ship also comes complete with a multi-page, full color magazine which discusses the warship in question. While it is written in Japanese, the magazine has loads of pictures and charts that come as a free value-added feature with each purchase. We hear that the entire line may span some 100 ships or more, making this one of the most prolific looks at warships of the twentieth century.

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Eaglemoss Sails the Seven Seas


With Unimax’ shipbuilding program now in full swing, it made sense for other diecast makers to dip their toes in the water, so-to-speak. Partworks producer Eaglemoss has just christened its latest sequential range, which will cover many of the most legendary ships of WWI, WWII and even the present. First offered to a select audience in Japan, it makes sense that most of their early offerings are based upon the Imperial Japanese Navy, featuring some of the most iconic ships of the 20th century.


Replicated in 1:1100 scale, these intricately detailed full draught warships feature rotating turrets and elevating guns along with specially designed display plinths to hold them in place. The first combined fleet is expected in May, and each carries an affordable price tag of just $24.99.

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