Windows 10

The Future of E-Commerce?


Yesterday, Microsoft announced the impending release of Windows 10, which will represent an impressive departure from operating systems of the past. One of the most important features found in Windows 10 will be HoloLens, a device which will enable end-users to see everything on their computer screen within an augmented reality universe, complete with interactive holographic imagery.

For a retailer such as ourselves, we believe this could usher in an entirely new experience for our customers, who could, potentially, see an object from multiple viewing perspectives and compare it against other products in real-time.

At this point, Microsoft has not officially announced the release date for Windows 10, the cost of the HoloLens device, computer specs to run the software, and a myriad of other considerations that could affect the device’s roll out. For now, you can learn more about the software here:

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