The Collectors Showcase Explains, "You Can Never Have Enough Wittmann Tributes"


Word continues to leak out from The Collectors Showcase concerning their February arsenal, and we couldn’t be more pleased. According to this prolific producer, they plan to offer a 1:30 scale rendition of panzer ace Michael Wittmann’s Tiger I heavy tank as seen on the eastern front during the Operation Zitadelle summer offensive of 1943. Bearing turret identification “1331” and wearing the insignia of the 1.SS Leibstandarte, this latest Wittmann tribute will only number some 200 strong, making it another key offering in their armour collection.


Also shown is a new Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. C half-track, painted in a dramatic Norman camouflage pattern and produced in very limited numbers. We hope to have both items available for pre-order shortly and expect them to surge forward some time in February.

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