The Hiryu Drops Anchor


One of the key players in the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor in December 1941, and again at the pivotal Battle of Midway some six months later, the Imperial Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryu has put into port and is now being doled out to our customers worldwide. The ship completes both battle’s orders of battle, thereby enabling collectors to display the entire array of aircraft carriers that participated in both naval actions. Unfortunately, the ship does not come with a magazine nor its outer box, and will ship out to customers solely in its clamshell packaging.

EMGC35 Compilation

As a result, collectors can nab this ship for a wee bit less than it would ordinarily cost. Our distributor has indicated that they may never get the version that comes with all of its accompanying paraphernalia, so if you’re a serious naval buff, you may want to settle for this version instead of holding out hope for the deluxe set.

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