The Internet Sales Tax: Will it Affect You?

Sales Tax

If, as many believe, the proposed “Internet Sales Tax” passes both houses of Congress some time in May, shoppers may have to pay an additional fee for purchasing products online. While this is certainly an inconvenience and affects customers even in “zero sales tax” states, there is a a silver lining to the law. Vendors who rack up sales of less than $1,000,000 per year are purportedly exempt from the ruling, while those doing more must collect the new sales tax. While we’re successful, having been at this for 13 years, our annual sales do not meet this sales tax threshold, meaning we would not have to collect sales tax for anyone residing outside of New York, where we are located. Other similar retailers may not be so fortunate depending upon their sales volume, so it may pay to check around before you buy if you’re looking to save some hard earned coin.

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