The Korean Quandry: Could Things Go Hot?


With North Korea continuing to ramp up its rhetoric, the US has both overtly and covertly bolstered its presence in and around the Korean peninsula, with the aim of monitoring the situation and, should things go hot, provide support to its South Korean ally who would bear the brunt of any attack. One such  sign of support was the recent move of two F-22 Raptors from Kadena, Japan, to South Korea, to participate in ongoing joint military exercises with the South Korean military. The pair of fifth generation air dominance fighters, are part of the 27th Fighter Squadron, 18th Wing, who were recently sent to Japan from the US to solidify their presence in the region. Obviously, the world is keeping a keen eye on the situation, hoping the North Koreans back down before a miscalculation causes serious ramifications.

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One comment on The Korean Quandry: Could Things Go Hot?

  1. Roosevelt baited the Japanese into attacking us by following a list of provocative measures, such as sanctions on oil and scrap metal. We got burned then. All the”experts said that Japan would fall like a house of cards if they tried anything with the U.S. It was said, again by the experts that the Japanese airplanes were third rate , the Japanese Navy ships were top heavy and would capsize. Learn from history.


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