The Motor Pool: Looking Ahead to 2015


As 2014 draws to a close, we are already looking ahead to the new year with a great deal of excitement. For openers, we will be migrating our web site to a more responsive design, using a cutting edge template that is both informative and attractively conceived. Likewise, our mobile interface will change substantially, so that it looks more appealing on today’s larger phone and tablet screens. Look for the changes to take effect in early 2015.

In other news, we will be dropping a number of under-performing lines where we see little growth going forward. Some lines have been languishing for some time, either no longer supported by the manufacturer or in need of a redress. This is actually good news for us, since we plan to bring in a great many new lines in 2015, several of which are tied to the expanding military science fiction universe heralded in by such brands as Star Wars and Star Trek. Moreover, a number of new military themed lines have been moving aggressively to market, which portends good things to come for our collector audience.

We hope you enjoy many of the changes coming your way.

The following lines are being drawn down and closed out:

Gaincorp aircraft, Easy Model warships, aircraft and military vehicles, Tamiya Masterworks, older Minichamps racing motorcycles, figures and racing helmets, Minichamps classic cars, Dragon Warbirds, Blitz 72, Schuco, Sky Defenders, Air Commander, Sword Models, The Collectors Showcase, Merit International, BBI, Gearbox Toys, IXO Models, Sky Guardians Europe, Marushin

The following lines look to be dramatically expanded going forward:

Air Force 1, Hobby Master, Eaglemoss Collections, Fabbri, Wings of the Great War, Luft-X, DeAgostini, Oxford, Hasbro, Bandai, Modelcollect, Panzerstahl, Disney

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  1. Will we ever get a die-cast Macchi 202 in 1/48? Bear in mind that this aircraft proved to be one of Hasegawa’s most popular models. So what is Hobby Master (and others waiting for


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