The Motor Pool: Updated for the New Millenium


Its been several years since we last overhauled our site to give it its current look, feel and appearance. Now, as we approach the all-important holiday selling season, we felt it necessary to take our e-commerce site to the next level and give it an even fresher look.

From a technological stand point, we recognize that a great many viewers and customers are surfing the web from a variety of platforms, covering everything from the traditional computer desktop to mobile devices, tablets and even wrist watches.

People can even be transported to the web directly from a print advertisement. Equally important are the Google search rankings, which now examines each site to see if it conforms to mobile standards.

That said, we are close to deploying our first web site design utilizing what is termed a responsive template. In effect, the viewing area a customer sees on the screen dynamically rescales to fit any sized device, and, just as importantly, maintains the look and feel of the site across the entire device spectrum. So, what you see on the desktop will look pretty much the same on much smaller screens. We’ve posted an image of a similarly constructed site to this blog post so you can get a better understanding of what we are doing. We will post a follow-up blog post once we are ready to fully deploy the new template.

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