The Russians are Coming! (In 1:43 Scale)

Admittedly, we’re a bit rusty when it comes to speaking or reading Russian, although it looks as if we better bone up on the language real fast. According to DeAgostini’s web site, the Company will soon be offering a wide range of 1:43 scale Russian battle tanks, one that cuts across all epochs and eras. As you can see by the accompanying photo, at least four vehicles are in the hopper, with more in trail following close behind.

Five replicas are already shown on the site and, according to the literature, the range will purportedly include the following vehicles: Т-34, Оbject 279, КV-1, Т-64, Su-122, Т-72B, Т-54-1, Т-34-85, IS-2, ISU-152, КV-2, Т-80M, Т-90, and the Т-26.

We have our industrious suppliers already looking into the matter and hope to have more information on the range some time soon. In the meantime, try out your Russian linguistic skills on this web site:

Russian 1:43 Scale Battle Tanks

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