The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!


It is with great pleasure that we announce the imminent arrival of a new line of military aircraft from DeAgostini. This new, multi-scale range traces the evolution of the Russian aircraft industry, with heavy emphasis on the aircraft that took to the skies during WWII and thereafter. Admittedly, its hard to wrap our heads around some on the scales portrayed (1:133, 1:81 or 1:180 to be specific), but as it was explained to us, the manufacturer decided to go with a multi-scale approach so that they could fit all of their introductions into a singular-sized box.


Frankly, at only $15.99 apiece, you really cannot go wrong with this line even if they aren’t designed to be paired with scale aircraft from other houses. And, there are several subjects that won’t likely be replicated by any other manufacturer any time soon. Keep them all on one shelf in your collection, and you’ll be glad you nabbed these little beauties!

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