Awash in Star Trek: Romulans to the Left of Us, The Borg to the Right


I guess you could say we’re in Star Trek heaven. After going a couple of months without any new Eaglemoss Star Trek starships to ogle, we will soon be inundated with an avalanche of new releases. On their way to us are #56 through #63 in the standard-sized starship series, which covers everything from a retro-looking 23rd Century Romulan Bird-of-Prey to the infamous Botany Bay, which was used by the steroid-laden Khan to wrest control of the USS Enterprise away from Captain Kirk and his crew.

Shuttlecraft 2

Also expected are the over-sized USS Kelvin and Shuttlecraft 4-piece multi-pack, two key pieces in the Star Trek special edition puzzle that are must-have’s for any serious Star Trek collector. Lay claim to your favorite ships today before they are all gone!

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