The USPS Bellows, “Tis the Season”

Even though it might have made more sense to unveil it earlier in the season, the USPS announced yesterday that it has created a free smart phone app that heightens the experience of giving and receiving a gift that comes packed inside a USPS Priority Mail box.

“The Postal Service is offering a free app for smartphones that aims to build excitement among customers who send and receive Priority Mail boxes during the holidays.” said the Postal Times.

“Customers who send a gift inside a Priority Mail box can use the app to send a personalized multimedia greeting to the recipient. The messages let the recipient know that a package is on its way. Recipients can also use the app to send the customer a holiday-themed thank-you message.

“Our app adds that special touch by delivering cheer when mailing and receiving holiday gifts via Priority Mail,” said Chief Customer and Marketing Officer James Cochrane.

The app is available on the Postal Service’s holiday site, which has downloading instructions. The site also allows customers to buy stamps, order free boxes, schedule a free package pickup, find Post Office and collection box locations and determine mailing dates.”

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