Top Gun 2: Cruise vs. Drones

Top Gun

In an April report on The Verge that was gleaned from a HuffPost interview, Jerry Bruckheimer is apparently spilling some of the beans concerning the upcoming feature film, Top Gun 2. Lead actor, Tom Cruise, will once again reprise his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, the dapper F-14 ace who rose to the occasion despite his misgivings to rescue his fellow airmen and serve his country in magnificent fashion. This time around, however, Cruise will reportedly square off against a bevy of unmanned combat aerial vehicles, although the reason for the high-speed dogfight and locale are still a mystery. Since the movie has yet to go into production, we are probably looking at a Christmas 2016 airing at the earliest, with replicas likely following.

More information concerning the upcoming film can be found here:


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