Trump’s Military: What Price Glory?

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78, is represented here in a combination model and live shot digital photo illustration. The ship is the first in a new class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, for the US Navy under construction at Newport News Shipbuilding.

There was a time during the Reagan era when it was inconceivable to permit the US Navy to fall below a 600-ship threshold as it stood toe-to-toe with its Cold War adversary, the Soviet Union. Fast forward 30 years and the US Navy is now down to less than half that number, patrolling the high seas, safeguarding certain sea lanes, and standing sentry near a number of geopolitical hot spots, despite being stretched to the limit. With Trump taking office this January, and lots of campaign promises to increase the size of the Navy to a more respectable total to fulfill its global mission, the magazine Popular Mechanics postulated what the Navy might look like in the coming years if he decides to stick to his renewed claims of glory for the country’s military. You can read the entire article here:

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