Typo”z” (Sic). Can They be Avoided?


Sometimes I get a chuckle when I read the packaging for some of the diecast products we sell. A couple of years ago, Unimax released a 1:32 scale 88mm Flak Gun”z”, an obvious typo that detracted markedly from the finished goods appearance since it was located front and center on the package. More recently, Air Force 1 put out a 1:72 USNC F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, forgetting to strike the “C” from the abbreviation when it was employed on a similar USMC F-35B product. Likewise they’ve used the same packaging for multiple P-61s and Ospreys, creating havoc for the average retailer when they check their inventory or pick an item for packing.

Now I don’t know about the average collector, but these types of obvious misspellings and oversights should have been caught early on, long before the packaging was sent to the manufacturer for replication. I ought to know, Early on in my career, I was so tired that I approved an ad for a local newspaper that said “Her”-Man figures instead of He-Man figures. Boy, did I ever hear it from my boss the next day.

Anyway, I fully understand there can be some localization issues, translating English to Chinese and back again, but c’mon guys. with so much effort going into the production of an item, niggling points like these can leave a sour taste in the mouths of some collectors, causing them to shy away from an item or manufacturer when they needn’t worry. Manufacturers, please take the time to review your packaging from top to bottom, thereby ensuring that your product meets or exceeds the expectations of your collecting audience. You’d be surprised by the reception your products will receive, and the likelihood someone will continue to purchase your products when every dollar, Euro, Yen, Yuan, Ruble, Peso, etc. counts.

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