Unimax Decides Upon Some Name Dropping for 2013


Recognizing that a legendary ace helps to spur sales, Unimax has decided to leverage two venerable names from the pages of military history for their early 2013 range. Armor enthusiasts should have no trouble with the name Otto Carius, the diminutive panzer ace who commanded both a TIger I heavy tank and later a Jagdtiger heavy tank destroyer. Their latest 1:32 scale Jagdtiger (#UNI80078) bears his turret identification number ‘201’, which was attached to schwere panzerjager abteilung 512 in the waning stages of WWII.


Also expected is Unimax’ first ever 1:72 scale rendition of a McDonnell F-4J Phantom II fighter-bomber, which bears the ignominious number “100” on its fuselage, signalling its place in history as “Showtime 100” (UNI85021). Piloted by Randy “Duke” Cunningham, this F-4 was famously connected with the supposed North Vietnamese ace, Colonel Toon, during the latter stages of the Vietnam Conflict. Look for both new entrants later this spring.

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