Waltersons Maintains, “There’s Still a Tiger in Your Tank!”

As a special holiday gift, Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, has debuted images of their upcoming 1:32 scale Tiger I heavy tank. Posted to Facebook earlier today, the up-close photos demonstrate some of the principal differences between the Tiger I tank produced by the former owners, Unimax, then contrasts them with some of the enhancements made by Waltersons, all of which are intended to correct certain deficiencies and make each vehicle more realistic. In the case of the Tiger I tank, five new molds were produced, among them a new chassis, new road wheels, swing arms, torsion bars, new sprocket & new idler wheel, new engine details, and new caterpillar tracks. You can see all on the improvements and follow the progress of some of the other vehicles still under development on their Facebook page A new web site is also reportedly under construction.

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