War Master Ups the Ante this Fall


War Master continues to impress, with an ever growing array of diecast military vehicles and aircraft available at very affordable prices. For September, four new vehicles were announced along with a pair of WWII-era military aircraft. For vehicle aficionados, expect an Israeli Merkava Mk. 3 main battle tank (#WMTK0036), US WC 63 weapons carrier with trailer (#WMTK0035), German King Tiger tank (#WMTK0034) and German Jagdtiger tank destroyer (#WMTK0033).


If you’ve got your eyes in the clouds, look forward to seeing an US Grumman Avenger torpedo plane (#WMAPF0024) and German Focke Wulf Fw 190A fighter (#WMAPF0023). When you consider the escalating costs of other lines, its nice to see War Master continue to hold the line and not bow to pricing pressures. Bravo!

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