Warships of the Eaglemoss Navy

Presently, we are awaiting the next grouping of Eaglemoss warships that will be released in the month of February. Thus far, our distributor has been releasing them, on overage, at around 4-5 ships per month and will likely continue to do so until all 80 ships have been released into the marketplace. This means that it could take upwards of a year before the entire series has been completely released, with some older items no longer available for purchase. That said, we are reviewing back orders once each shipment comes in to determine which orders can best be fulfilled based upon shipping destinations, inventory levels and other mitigating factors, such as payment. Please be aware that there may be instances where we will ship out orders piece meal until we can fill an order in its entirety. If you do not accept this arrangement then your order may be subject to cancellation. We will not hold inventory for more than a few days after it has arrived so it is important that you understand that our fulfillment system is designed to serve both you as well as our own needs in the best possible fashion. Thank you for your understanding.

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