When Will the Caissons Go Rolling Along?

Back in September, we learned that radio-controlled vehicle manufacturer, Waltersons, had acquired the entire Forces of Valor product portfolio from the previous owner, Unimax. Since then, word has been sketchy about when the first products will hit the street so we thought it prudent to share what we know about the proposed line now before the year closes out. Best you play the accompanying musical video as you read what follows:

The first quartet of 1:24 scale radio controlled vehicles are now expected some time in early January 2017, barring any issues with customs, inventories, the Mad Hatter, and so on. The first four vehicles include the Tiger I heavy tank, PzKpfw IV medium tank, M4A3 Sherman tank and T-34/85 medium tank, each boasting new features which make them incompatible with the previously released vehicles offered by Unimax. The remaining four vehicles in the line (M26 Pershing tank, M1A1 Abrams tank, MLRS and King Tiger heavy tank) are already being re-developed and will likely come to market some time in the Spring. A 1:16 scale tank has been hinted at, which could be the T-72 tank shown in our Waltersons R/C section or it could be an entirely new vehicle. Figure packs are also being created.

The first batch of 1:32 scale static vehicles and 1:700 scale warships, based upon previously released models by Unimax, are being crafted with updated packaging and some minor improvements where applicable, such as new road wheels for the Tiger I tank and an improved display plinth for the warships, all of which will likely be released in early 2017. Our guess is that a formal announcement will be made at the Nuremberg Toy Fair held in Germany in February. At that time, we should also get a better idea as to which new products are being worked on for the rest of the year, even though several have already been hinted at by the manufacturer on Facebook. Moreover, expect several other retreads to be launched later in the year, modified, where deemed appropriate, to bring them up to today’s standards.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. Everything currently is still in a state of flux and we ask for everyone’s patience during this transitional period. Good things are in store for 2017, including a new 1:16 scale Tiger I heavy tank, we just need everyone to relax and remain focused as they once again build out their Forces of Valor collection. Enjoy!

Follow Up: We’ve been in touch with the principals at Unimax who inform us that they will be attending the upcoming American International Toy Fair held each year at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City in February. At that time, we’ll have a better idea as to where they are headed in both the short- and long term, and hopefully take photos of anything on display. Additionally, the Company provided some details concerning their expanding warship series, which will boast the following 1:700 aircraft carriers: PLAAN LiaoNing aircraft carrier, British HMS Invincible and USN Kitty Hawk (CV-63). All three are pretty far along in their production, so they will likely be released in early 2017.

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  1. Forces of Valor posted this morning sat dec 3, new pics of the updated packaging for the 1:700 warships and what the first 3 new release will be on their facebook page. 1 the Chinese carrier, 2 HMS Invincible, 3 USS Kittyhawk, 4 ???


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