Where For Art Thou B-17?

AF1 B17

Certainly one of the most anticipated products for 2016 is the Air Force 1 1:72 scale Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. Decked out in the livery of “Bit ‘o Lace”, a “G” model that flew with the 709th Bomb Squadron, 447th Bombardment Group, then based at Rattlesden, Norfolk, in 1945, we first learned of this warplane well over a year ago, yet despite the lengthy wait, we haven’t so much as seen an image of the replica, much less heard of a firm ship date. Currently, “Bit ‘o Lace” is slated for a May touch down, although this will likely slip seeing as how it should be wheeled out of its design hangar in completed form right about now. We’re hoping they get it right, because there are literally loads of follow-on bombers they can replicate, and a host of other variants screaming out to be modeled, all at a price point designed to help move gaggles of product. Keep your fingers crossed we see this item soon, hopefully well before Father’s Day.


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