Wings of the Great War Dives into the Trenches of World War I


With a name like Wings of the Great War, you’d think the manufacturer would be content to stick to replicating aircraft of the Great War. In a turn about of sorts, the manufacturer announced today plans to offer a complete line of 1:72 scale combat vehicles that saw action in the War to End All Wars. Their first pair of tanks, which are expected in October, bring to life two of the most iconic vehicles ever to see action during the conflict – the British Mark IV Male tank (#WW10003) and the German equivalent, the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Infantry Support tank (#WW10002).


Composed of resin and bundled with a decorative display base, their new armored vehicle series takes aim at a sorely overlooked segment of the pre-assembled market place. All we need now are the infantry, trenches, a “no man’s land” – festooned with barbed wire, craters and scorched earth – and we may just yet have a fully comprehensive look at the first war of the twentieth century.

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