Wings of the Great War Dons its Floaties


Fully assembled, scale WWI-era aircraft have always been in short supply, and when they are finally offered, then tend to focus on the fighter aircraft of the time. It is therefore with great pride that we can finally put forth something a bit different – a WWI-era float plane. Expected this April, Wings of the Great War breaks with tradition and plans to roll out a 1:72 scale resin representation of a German Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 Float Plane (WW17001), which saw service at the tail end of WWI.

WW16001 Compilation

Also slated for an April fly over is a German Roland D.VIa Fighter (WW16001) as well as their second look at the German Pfalz D.IIIa Biplane Fighter (WW11002), both painted in a dazzling lozenge pattern. Its been 100 years since many of these aircraft took to the skies, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t conjure up the wild swirling dogfights which came to symbolize the war in the air in the War to End All Wars.

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