Wings of the Great War Grows a Tail

When they rolled out their Mark IV Male and Female tanks, everyone knew it was just a matter of time before some of the variants were introduced to the collecting community. Earlier today, Wings of the Great War confirmed those suspicions when they unveiled their newest land warship: a Mark IV Male Tadpole heavy tank (WW10203).

During the War, a large number of Mark IV tanks were also used for development work. In an attempt to improve trench-crossing capability, the tadpole tail, an extension to the rear track horns, was introduced. However, it proved insufficiently rigid and does not appear to have been used in combat. Other experimental versions tested radios, mortars placed between the rear horns, and recovery cranes. Some of these devices were later used on operational tanks. Mark IVs were also the first tanks fitted with unditching beams by field workshops. A large wooden beam, reinforced with sheet metal, was stored across the top of the tank on a set of parallel rails. If the tank became stuck, the beam was attached to the tracks (often under fire) and then dragged beneath the vehicle, providing grip.

Look for the first Tadpoles to slither across the battlefield sometime in February.

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