Wings of the Great War Keeps ‘Em Flying


Thus far, Wings of the Great War have created a steady diet of World War I era aircraft plus a smattering of tanks to keep the ground pounders happy. We learned yesterday that three more planes are “in the wings”, so-to-speak, including a Halberstadt CL.II Escort Fighter/Ground Attack Aircraft (#WW11201), a Fokker D.VII fighter flown by the legendary Ernst Udet (#11401) and a third Albatros D.Va fighter (#WW14003).


To help them cross no man’s land, the German Army is fielding a captured Mark IV male tank, festooned with the Imperial Cross (#WW10206). Interestingly, it was captured Mark IV tanks that became the most numerous tank in the German Army, which were turned against their British makers after being abandoned in battle for mechanical reasons.


All of the new introductions have been added to our online catalog and we expect to take delivery some time in April.

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