Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm

There is a winter storm warning up for the northeast section of the country where we are located which will begin late Monday and extend through Wednesday. Possible snow accumulations could exceed 24 inches with blizzard conditions in effect through much of that time. Therefore, Monday may be the last day we can ship out parcels for several days, particularly if both UPS and the USPS are unable to stop by to deliver or pick up our shipments. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand that these things are beyond our control.

Update: The storm wasn’t as bad as had been expected for the city of New York, with total accumulation for our area of around 12 inches of snow. The USPS and UPS are reportedly back on the job, so we anticipate the resumption of normal deliveries and pick ups at this time (posted Wednesday 11:00AM EST).

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