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As you may have noticed, our redesigned web site has gone live and now works in a more robust manner on both mobile devices as well as tablets, scaling in size to fit each system’s dimensions. Our blog has been cosmetically changed as well and offers full integration within our main site, and finally our newsletter mailings have been retrofitted to look like our web site. Essentially, everything you see will now have one unified look and take advantage of several enhancements now available to us. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

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Films in Focus: Wunderland


Translated simply as Wonderland, Wunderland harkens back to the cold, wintry days of Christmas 1944, when the Germans launched a last gasp winter offensive aimed at splitting the Allied armies in two and striking towards the English Channel. As the Germans make one final push in the West, US Army Lt. Robert Cappa and his platoon of 2nd Infantry Division soldiers have been ordered to hold a vital road junction against the German onslaught. Cappa and his men must find their faith and strength to stand against their enemy in the epic fight know as “The Battle of The Bulge.” Starring Tom Berrenger, we aren’t sure if this will make a full theatrical release later this year or is destined to go straight to video based upon our first impressions. Have a looksie and decide for yourself.

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New Line: JC Wings

JC Wings’ 1:72 scale take on the Russian Sukhoi Su-30M2 “Flanker-C” Multirole Fighter

Toy Fair seems to bring with it its own set of surprises and thought provoking announcements, and this year comes as no exception. We learned late yesterday that our principal supplier will now be stocking the JC Wings line of diecast military aircraft. While we won’t be stocking any of their civilian airliners, there are a number of modern jet aircraft that did catch our eye, including this 1:72 scale reproduction of a Sukhoi Su-30M2 multirole fighter (JCW72SU30003).

JC Wings 1:72 scale US Navy Vought A-7E Corsair II Attack Aircraft – VA-72 “Blue Hawks,” USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67), Desert Storm, 1991

Our JC Wings category has now been set up and we can begin accepting pre-orders for both this aircraft and the Vought A-7 Corsair (JCW72A7001) we also plan on carrying which was also announced. Both models are tentatively slated for an April release. Note: JC Wings sells their display stands separately from their aircraft. As a result, we have made the decision not to carry each and every stand they offer. Display stands are available from other dealers and selling venues.

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The Motor Pool’s Presidents Week 10% Off Sale!


Perhaps Abe Lincoln couldn’t tell a lie and George Washington crossed the Delaware in a make-shift boat, but we’re certain you can save mucho dinero with The Motor Pool’s Presidents Week sale! From now until Sunday, February 25th, you can take 10% off of any item we have in stock simply by entering our latest coupon code at the bottom of your shopping cart just prior to final checkout. Please enter discount code “TMP176” in the coupon box just prior to final checkout. Note: The following lines are excluded from this promotional offer: Air Force 1, Calibre Wings, Hobby Master, Luft-X and Wings of the Great War. Sale ends midnight, Sunday, February 25th, 2018. May not be combined with any other sales discount.

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Atlas Editions Looks to Gain Market Share by Improving its Marketability


As a budget-minded line goes, Atlas Editions has always scored high marks in a number of critical areas including cost and detail, not too mention depth and breadth of range. However, from a marketability standpoint, the range has struggled, oftentimes employing simple balsa packaging and a see-through styrene cover, bereft of any information or hyperbole, to help sell the product. Recognizing these deficiencies, the Company has finally developed better packaging for some of their latest line extensions, thereby looking to better position it against the likes of Oxford Aviation, Altaya and others.

Their 1:144 scale bomber range will now come packaged as shown above while their 1:144-1:200 jet aircraft will come nestled in the packaging below. We assume other segments of the range will see a similar change in marketing format as the year progresses, all based upon impressions garnered from their collectors and authorized dealers.  

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Payment Gateways: Ebay Pal?

Ebay will soon be launching its own payment system and here’s what you need to know.

While we do not ever foresee us accepting any form of crypto currency to complete a sale, largely due to its volatility and lack of governmental oversight, we do anticipate accepting eBay’s new, unnamed intermediate payment system announced this January and expected to go live later this year. Since its inception, PayPal had always been the favored means of payment on eBay for both domestic and international transactions, which slowly but surely did away with traditional means of payment and provided a measure of comfort for both the buyer and seller whenever a problem arose. 

As some of you may already know, eBay and PayPal went their separate ways a couple of years ago and, according to eBay, the auction house is now developing its own proprietary payment system which will be favored over PayPal once it has been fully fleshed out. This means that both we and our eBay customers will now have to add a new payment system to our respective payment portfolios in order to take advantage of any perks this new payment system will likely offer. It will also mean that we will begin accepting eBay’s payment system on our own web site once it has been rolled out. So, whether it be called ePay or Payment with eBay, we’ll post more information on the new payment gateway once the auction house has christened it and prepped it for prime time.

Note: According to CNN, Dutch-based Adyen, who has helped a number of high profile companies handle payments, has been chosen by eBay to support its payment processing. The new system will gradually be rolled out later this year and should be fully implemented by 2021.

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Films in Focus: No Better Place to Die

Tom Hanks and Dale Dye on the set of Saving Private Ryan

Sounds as if Dale Dye has finally gotten his wish. According to the web site, We Are the Mighty, US Marine, military historian and actor, Dale Dye, is teaming up with none other than screen legend, Tom Hanks, to create a feature film that retells the story of an American airborne unit in Normandy during the D-Day operation.The movie is centered around the defense of La Fiere Bridge by elements of the 82nd Airborne (“All-American”) and its pivotal role in the early stages of the Normandy campaign.

Dye had been shopping around the story/script for quite some time leading many to believe he would never get the proper backing to film the tale. Now, with Hanks in his corner, it appears as if the story will come to fruition, although no director has been named nor a producer. For more information on the news release, visit We Are the Mighty.

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Anatomy of War: The Evolution of the American Tank


The folks at Popular Mechanics just published a fascinating discussion on The Evolution of the American Tank. From the fields of France in World War I to the mountains of Afghanistan, the tank has had to endure all sorts of obstacles to their success, from anti-tank weapons and mines to ever more powerful enemies on the ground and in the air. We strongly recommend you check out the article here.

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TSM Model Wing: When the World Needed Heroes

TSM Model Wing’s 1:72 scale USAF Lockheed YF-12 Interceptor Aircraft – “60-6934”, 1964

Recently, at the now concluded Nuremberg Toy Fair, TSM Model Wing left the aviation collecting community a gasp when it revealed its intention to model both a Lockheed A-12 (TSMW720001) as well as a YF-12 aircraft (TSMW720002). While Century Wings modeled both aircraft some time ago, collectors have been after them to release follow-on replicas, something the Company seems loathe to do, for what ever reason. Enter TSM Model Wing, who seemed to have picked up the gauntlet and decided the time was right to expand their aircraft ensemble.

A 1:72 scale reproduction of a Lockheed A-12 Cygnus Reconnaissance Aircraft – “60-6924” Test Flight, 1962

Although pricing is still up in the air, collectors can get a better sense as to what these aircraft will look like when they speed off the runway later this year. Undoubtedly, other versions are in the wings, most notably an SR-71 as well as the M-21 carrier shouldering a D-21 drone. These will likely put in an appearance in 2019, once the manufacturer gets a better sense of the market and its own capacity to build these super-sleek models. Enjoy!

Devotees can purchase a separate accessory pack that includes two rolling ladders, a towing device that can be affixed to the nose wheel of either the A-12 or YF-12, and six figures, including two pilots

If you like ’em a wee bit smaller, TSM is offering a wide array of 1:200 scale replicas and accessories, including a faux MiG-28 fighter (TSMWTP009) and this spectacular rendition of Fightertown USA (TSMWAC009). Again, we do not have pricing for any of these new introductions, so we ask that you hold off before contacting us to place any pre-orders.

Miramar Naval Air Station a.k.a. Fightertown USA, soon-to-come for the 1:200 scale market


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Forces of Valor Returns to the Battlefield

Some times a picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words. Even the 1:32 scale dioramas, first introduced way back in 2002, are slated to make an encore appearance

We were concerned that Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, hadn’t put in an appearance at the recently concluded Nuremberg Toy Fair largely because no one had seen nor heard from them at the Show. Turns out the Company was in attendance, all-too-eager to demonstrate to their fans that the productions lines were already churning and that plans were laid out for the year.

The Waltersons Forces of Valor radio controlled range now includes R/C products once produced under the VS Tanks marque, which was acquired in 2017. Its not clear if the manufacturer will retain the VS Tanks logo or nestle everything under the Waltersons/Forces of Valor brands.

According to our liaison, the first grouping of product expected this Spring will be their 1:72 scale aircraft, which will be followed, in quick succession, by several different 1:32 scale armored subjects. They also plan to update their web site as well as their respective Facebook pages, thereby maintaining regular communication with their fans and dealer network.

Several new tanks can be seen along with repaints of the R/C lineup

In the mean time, several of their upcoming 1:32 scale vehicles can be seen atop one display in their Nuremberg photo gallery. New camouflage schemes are evident for several of their 1:24 scale radio controlled vehicles, as well as images for their upcoming M26 Pershing, M1A1 Abrams and MLRS.

Waltersons claims that many of the relaunched 1:72 scale aircraft are already highly detailed so they will look much the same as in the past, perhaps with more attention paid to the engines. The display stands, however, will resemble the type used for their warship line, in that they will boast a “wooden look” with the name and nationality of the aircraft appearing on the front. Moreover, the display pillar has been completely redesigned, thereby enabling the aircraft to be rotated in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion.

As far as 1:32 scale vehicles go, here is what we know thus far based upon post Nuremberg Show information passed along to us by the manufacturer. “After the 88mm guns, the Jagdpanther and Elefant will enter production. Following that would be the Sherman Firefly and Soviet T-34-85, and finally the Tiger I with lots of modifications. That would be the 1st – 2nd week of May.” So, if you read between the lines, any new molds such as the Sturmtiger and M4A3E8 Sherman are still a ways off, likely stealing the spotlight towards the end of the year. Likewise, the 1:16 scale Tiger, which everyone has been asking about, will almost certainly make it to market towards the end of 2018.

Again, we ask that you not contact us at this time to ask when a particular item is expected or to check on an order. You know as much as we do and questions of this nature are counterproductive, taking us away from things that we can fully address.

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Arsenal Puts Its Best Foot Forward in 2018

Arsenal Tanks of the World

Recently we saw an uptick in sales in our limited line of Arsenal Tanks of the World. We weren’t sure why sales got rosier since its basically a budget-minded partworks range with but a few subjects available for us to offer. However, now we know why. Our distributor for the line informed us today of another dozen new vehicles expected this month, and likely much more as we head into Spring.

Arsenal Tanks of the World

We’ve been extremely busy this week thus far, so we will hold off posting all of the new vehicles until next week. Frankly, some of the subjects have been done ad nauseum, and others have been offered previously from other model makers. There are, however, a few SKUs of keen interest, such as each of the British tanks as well as the Michael Wittman Tiger I tank that commands a handsome sum from the Dragon Armor series. So, if you’re looking to fill in some holes in your 1:72 scale collection, and cost has always been an issue, then you likely can’t go wrong with any of the tanks produced by this Russian concern.

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