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As you may have noticed, our redesigned web site has gone live and now works in a more robust manner on both mobile devices as well as tablets, scaling in size to fit each system’s dimensions. Our blog has been cosmetically changed as well and offers full integration within our main site, and finally our newsletter mailings have been retrofitted to look like our web site. Essentially, everything you see will now have one unified look and take advantage of several enhancements now available to us. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

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Dragon Armor Pits the East vs. the West


Its been an interesting 24 hours in the Dragon Armor camp. Yesterday came word that two more German PzKpfw IV Ausf. F2 (G) medium tanks are on the horizon, long overdue mainstays of the Wehrmacht throughout the prosecution of the Second World War. The first represents a vehicle that served with the 13.Panzer Division in the Northern Caucusus region of Russia during 1942 (DRR60697), while the latter portrays a tank attached to an unidentified unit during early 1943 (DRR60698). Both are slated for an October arrival.

Meanwhile, to keep the panzers at bay, Dragon has indicated that their first pairing of T-34-85 medium tanks have left the factory, ready to go toe-to-toe with these panzers. Expected next week are a Soviet T-34/85 Mod. 1944 Medium Tank that was supplied to the 1st Battalion, 63rd Guards Tank Brigade, then serving on the Eastern Front during 1944 (DRR60255) while the second represents a Soviet T-34/85 Mod. 1944 Medium Tank that was doled out to the 38th Independent Tank Regiment, on its march through Eastern Europe in early 1945 (DRR60256).

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Modelcollect Fires Off a Salvo of Tempting FLaK Artillery

You should have no trouble warding off enemy aircraft with this German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak Anti-Aircraft Gun

Sure, Modelcollect has churned out enough T-72/T-80 main battle tanks to fill up an armored museum, but that doesn’t mean they’re leaving everyone high and dry on the WWII battlefield. Besides their German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak anti-aircraft gun (AS72071), which is designed to sit atop a FLaK tower, the Company has also announced plans to offer a German 12.8cm Flak40 Anti-Aircraft Gun with Kreuzlafette (AS72076), which is essentially a larger version of the famed 88mm FLaK gun affixed to a cruciform mount.

Modelcollect’s second artillery pieces portrays a German 12.8cm Flak40 Anti-Aircraft Gun with Kreuzlafette

The manufacturer claims it is already in stock, although only a line art drawing has been posted to their web site. Nevertheless, the new model demonstrates their eagerness to fill a void in the military space, which has thus far been served by only a handful of accurate replicas.

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Forces of Valor is Hunting More than Rabbits this Holiday Season

Walterson’s new portrayal of the Jagftiger heavy tank destroyer boasts lots more metal than their Unimax counterparts.

Its been awhile since we last saw product photos from Waltersons concerning their range of 1:32 Forces of Valor military vehicles. We’re still hoping for updated photos shortly, since these items are scheduled to go into production soon in order to meet the holiday deadline.

In the interim, we decided to post a couple of pre-production photos Waltersons uploaded to Facebook for two of their upcoming tank destroyers. As you can see from the images, the manufacturer is going to great lengths to return the line to its former glory when they were first introduced way back in 2002. The photos clearly demonstrate the amount of metal being used to flesh out the chassis, gun and other key areas, meaning they will be much heavier in the hand when they are completed. While its important to note that the engine compartments for the new range will come fully modeled and boast a removable engine, we thought it equally important to point out that even the accompanying crew figures are being reworked, thereby showing the Company’s commitment to quality as well as value.

Reworked crew figures will accompany each vehicle, in keeping with the Company’s belief that everything will be overhauled.

We’re still hoping for actual production photos before Labor Day, along with realistic release dates for the first group of vehicles on the docket. We will keep everyone apprised just as soon as we hear back from the manufacturer.

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DeAgostini Exclaims, “Never Say Never Again”

The USS Saratoga may have sunk beneath the waves over seventy years ago, but that doesn’t prevent it from serving in your navy today, provided you order it right away.

We often get asked if sold out items will ever return to stock. Typically we say no, since many items are made in single batches, although we have learned in recent years that some times treasure troves exist, if you turn over enough rocks. Earlier today, we were told that several sold out DeAgostini Warships of the Second World War will be returning to the high seas in November, among them the USS Saratoga, IJN Yamato, and HMS Vanguard, three of the quickest selling warships in the series. Quantities are limited, so if you are interested in procuring any of these favorites, we strongly recommend pre-ordering them now before they make port during the holiday season.

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Modelcollect Hypothesizes A Strange War-Mongering Future


Chinese modelmaker, Modelcollect, has never been one to shy away from a risky project, churning out a steady diet of unique subjects that other companies seem to sidestep. That said, their latest venture has us a bit baffled, since it seems to stray far from the beaten trail into no-man’s land.

Recently, the company unveiled CAD pix for a new line dubbed Fists of War, which seems to combine familiar WWII-era weapons systems with science fiction. As you can see from the accompanying pictures, one item features what appears to be a King Tiger Ausf. B. Henschel turret and chassis with a multi-legged means of getting around. We aren’t sure if Fists of War is a home grown sci-fi system or one licensed from another company, since we haven’t been able to locate any information on it on the web.

Frankly, we aren’t sure how many of our customers are interested in this new range and how it fits within our present product portfolio, more rooted in historical fact than fiction. As more information is disseminated, we will likely list these items on our site as special order merchandise, meaning we will bring in product only to fill any orders we receive.

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Anatomy of War: Boeing’s Advanced F-15 2040C Stealth Fighter


Not content to watch a grizzled old warrior die on the vine, Boeing has put together a slick new video showcasing what they call the Advanced F-15 2040C Stealth Fighter. Based upon a standard F-15 Eagle airframe, “the F-15 2040C series of upgrades would extend the life of the fourth-generation F-15C air superiority fighter to complement the fifth-generation F-22 Raptor. The 2040 version would double to 16 the number of air-to-air missiles the fighter carries, extend its range and improve its lethality and survivability with upgraded electronics,” according to AIN Online.

“An F-15 2040C would also extend the fighter’s production line in St. Louis, which with 84 F-15SAs destined for Saudi Arabia has firm orders through 2019. Boeing previously offered a stealthy “Silent Eagle” version for South Korea’s F-X III fighter competition, but that country last year settled on the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II for the requirement.

The package would incorporate the programmed radar upgrade of F-15C/Ds with the Raytheon APG-63(v)3 active electronically scanned radar and a new electronic warfare suite called EPAWSS, for the Eagle Passive/Active Warning and Survivability System. A proposed long-range infrared search and track sensor pod would complement the AESA radar. Boeing supplies conformal fuel tanks on the multi-role F-15E Strike Eagle; the 2040C upgrade would add them on the F-15C. The proposed weapons load increase would be accomplished by adding a Boeing-developed “quad pack” carriage system on two weapons stations. A communications and networking pod with advanced datalinks, now being demonstrated under the Air Force’s Talon HATE program, would enable the older F-15 to interact with the Raptor and other platforms.”

With other planes in the US military’s arsenal already being re-purposed to extend their life at a fraction of the cost of obtaining newer aircraft, there’s a good chance the F-15 2040C will survive any proposed budget cuts and remain a staple of the USAF well into the 21st century. Interestingly, Boeing is billing the F-15 2040C as a stealth fighter, so it will be curious to see how they plan to achieve this lofty aim considering all of the plane’s ordnance are slung externally thereby increasing the aircraft’s radar return signature.


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Marketplace Update: Earn 10% eBay Bucks


Ebay is currently running a promotion where buyers earn 10% on qualifying items made by August 11th at 11:59PST for purchases of $50 or more. Said discount can be applied across all categories. This discount may be deducted from any future purchases once the buyer has been notified, which generally happens one month later.

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Dragon Armor: Summer of My German Soldier

Four new 1:72 scale Dragon Armor vehicles are now in stock and available for your immediate purchasing pleasure

If you’ve been experiencing shakes and even cold sweats over the last few months not getting your Dragon Armor fix, then you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve got the latest AFV candy in ample supply. In addition to the recently released PzKpfw IV Ausf D medium tank we received earlier this month (DRR60693), we now have four more vehicles available for immediate delivery. The quartet includes:

DRR60694 – German Sd. Kfz. 161 PzKpfw IV Ausf. D Medium Tank – 4.Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 7, 10.Panzer Division, France, 1940 (1:72 Scale)

DRR60511 – German Sd. Kfz. 142 Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F Assault Gun – Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 201, Eastern Front, 1942 (1:72 Scale)

DRR60512 – German Sd. Kfz. 142 Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F Assault Gun – Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 210, Eastern Front, 1942 (1:72 Scale)

DRR60700 – German Sd. Kfz. 161 PzKpfw IV Ausf. G Medium Tank – 7.Panzer Regiment “Totenkopf”, 3.SS Panzer Grenadier Division “Totenkopf”, Kharkov, Russia, 1943 (1:72 Scale)

Each is priced at a paltry $29.99, a far cry from the $40 plus price tag for some of their 2016 introductions, meaning there’s loads more vehicles in the offing at more attractive pricing.

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Eaglemoss Enters the Discovery Zone

Starting early in 2018, a new series of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY starships will launch, with a new ship out every month.

Its long been speculated that Eaglemoss, makers of the Star Trek Starship Series, would have a major role supporting CBS’s upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery. Earlier today it was revealed that Eaglemoss will be producing an entirely new range of starships based in the Discovery universe, all of which will be slightly larger than a standard-sized ship yet smaller than their Large Scale Series. For more information concerning the announcement, warp over to this link:

For more information on CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery, set to air on September 24th, stroll over to this site:

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Another Eaglemoss Squadron Hits the Sea Lanes

Hermes, the sole British aircraft carrier in the Eaglemoss Warships of the World navy, finally pays us a port of call visit

Four more Eaglemoss 1:1100 warships arrived at our port of call in recent days, all hot sellers and long overdue favorites for would-be captains. The newest task force includes:

EMGC67 – Royal Navy Hermes Class Aircraft Carrier – HMS Hermes (95) [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC69 – Imperial Japanese Navy Asahi Class Battleship – Asahi [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC70 – German Kriegsmarine Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser – DKM Prinz Eugen [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC72 – Imperial Japanese Navy Takao Class Heavy Cruiser – Maya [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

As a side note, I can see why the first three warships are doing well at retail, but the surprise here has been the heavy cruiser, Maya, outselling our initial forecast and already scheduled to be re-ordered by our naval procurement department. Enjoy!

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