Boldly Adventure on the Aventine!

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Federation Vesta Class Starship – USS Aventine NCC-82602

As promised, we now have a cache of the convention exclusive Star Trek starship, the USS Aventine. For those unfamiliar with the starship, the USS Aventine is a first generation Vesta-class starship that was commissioned in 2380 and was the second starship of her class to be completed. Originally commanded by Captain Dexar, command of the Aventine was given to Lieutenant Commander – and subsequently promoted to Captain – Ezri Dax after Captain Dexar and his First Officer, Commander Tovak were killed in combat with a Borg Sphere near Acamar. The Second Officer took command of the ship and was able to get it to safety. Two weeks later, Lieutenant Commander Dax was promoted to Captain and given permanent command.

The ship comes bundled with a full-color collector magazine, and has been eagerly sought after ever since it surfaced at the recent Comic-Con convention in New York. This one will likely sell out fast, so place your orders as soon as possible to guarantee delivery before the holidays.

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